July 2019

Dear Class of 2023 Parents:

On behalf of our faculty, staff, students and alumni, welcome to The University of Alabama family. We want the next four years to be a wonderful time of positive growth intellectually, spiritually and socially for your student.

Sending your student to college for the first time is an exciting time. Over the course of their college career, your student will grow and change in large part based on personal interactions and the environment in which they live. We offer numerous programs and services to assist students in their transition to college. One of these programs is AlphaPoint, a web-based education program that is required of all incoming students. It is one way the University fulfills federal requirements from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice.

The AlphaPoint program educates students in five specific areas before they arrive on campus — community, balance, wellness, healthy relationships, and diversity and inclusion. These programs have been helpful to many college students seeking ways to balance their new freedom in living away from home with their need to establish a healthy lifestyle as a young adult.

Every incoming student is required to take the AlphaPoint course. We will communicate directly with your student regarding the information and instructions to complete the course. To help ensure your student meets this requirement, please remind them that an email to their UA email address will arrive on July 24, 2019, with specific directions for logging on to the course through myBama. This will need to be completed prior to August 16, 2019.

While we are committed to making a difference with our students, we also understand that parents play an extremely important role in shaping their student’s attitudes and behaviors. We are confident that your student will benefit from taking the AlphaPoint course. Thank you for being our partner through this process.

If you have any questions about the program, or if your student has any problems accessing the course, please reference our website at alphapoint.sl.ua.edu.


Stuart R. Bell